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How to Create Harmony in your Home – Suggestion # 4 – Boundaries

How to Create Harmony in your Home – Suggestion # 4 – Boundaries

How to Create Harmony in your Home – Suggestion # 4 – Boundaries 150 150 The Billion Child Foundation

30th April 2020

Lockdown has forced many parents to start working from home, bringing along with it a new set of do’s and don’ts.

The reality of having to juggle work commitments, a hectic family life, and ensuring that schoolwork is completed, can be daunting.

If there are no clear boundaries between work time and family time you run the risk of becoming a quarrelsome family.

Here are a few tips to help you keep harmony in your home and a balance between family time and work time.

  1. Have an agreed and set routine for the day and week but be flexible because life happens.

  2. Create a non-verbal “Do not disturb” sign such as wearing a silly hat when you are on an important phone call with your boss or a client.
  3. Don’t over-plan your day or week – ensure there is plenty of free play and reading time for yourself and your children.

  4. If you have a garden, take advantage of it and try to spend an hour there as a family each day.

  5. Be realistic about how many office hours you hope to work each day or week.
  6. Be realistic about how much your children can achieve each day.
  7. Set small goals for the day. Anything extra you do is a massive win.
  8. If you are a two parent/carer family, consider taking two-hour shifts with the children.
  9. Naptimes and bedtime could be your best friends to schedule work or the opportunity to engage in self-care especially during stressful times.
  10. Having a dedicated work and school area, ideally where the door can be shut, enables you to get away for work/school so that the rest of your home is home – a haven you can escape to.

  11. Set clear “Zoom” working boundaries with your children ideally during family meetings. You will be surprised how much a four-year old can contribute.

Next week’s practical parenting skill will provide you with a second round of suggestions on how to establish Boundaries in your home.

The practical parenting skills suggestions we share with you are directly from our Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme which has been attended by over 257,000 parents.

Strong families are the backbone of society. Please forward this Creating Harmony in your Home suggestion to your friends and extended family.

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