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By giving a donation to the BILLION CHILD FOUNDATION you will help facilitate what is possibly the biggest idea internationally and make a real dent in global poverty, food security, crime and national upliftment.

Help us reach the goal of assisting one billion
children to escape poverty!

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You can also donate to The Billion Child Foundation by sending a cheque:

The Billion Child Foundation South Africa
603 Prestige Park, Scheiding Street East, Pretoria, South Africa, 0002

The Billion Child Foundation
Suite 37 Beechwoods, 3 Crystal Palace Parade London, SE19 1UH, United Kingdom

For every £ $ € ¥ R1 you donate to the Billion Child Foundation

89% goes directly to projects to provide each child with a promising future life

3% is invested to generate future revenue

8% is spent on management and administration