Successes Achieved

Transforming family life and communities

Early in 2016 the police commander of the Sasolburg district in South Africa phoned our Community Development Director Pastor Thando Nkosi who had arranged the training of pastors from 74 congregations to present BCFs National Parenting Skills Programme in the Refengkgotso Township during 2014. The Commander told Pastor Nkosi that since parent training had been completed call outs to family violence were more than 50% down on 2014 and was still down below 50% in 2016.

BCF immediately commissioned a survey of 300 parents in Refengkgotso to discover how application of the skills taught during the National Parenting Skills Programme had impacted on the lives of parents and their children. The report knocked our socks off.

The survey revealed that parents have adopted the values discussed and parenting skills taught during the BCF National Parenting Skills Programme. In their day to day lives they have replaced family violence and verbal abuse with considered communication; dislike or contempt for their children with understanding and love; dysfunctional family life with loving family life. For a copy of the report please contact our CEO This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

To date teachers, pastors and community leaders have trained over 270,000 parents empowering them to transform family life and indeed entire communities.

Transforming education

Individuals and organisations in several countries have approached BCF to provide training programmes to assist them turn around education in their countries.

During 2019 BCF will, providing funding is obtained, train head teachers in Burkina Faso, Kenya and Ghana to reinvent their schools as centres of excellence.

Primary and secondary schools which attended the SA Outstanding Public Schools Programme in the Free State during 2016 achieved remarkable results at their year-end examinations. This is demonstrated in the table below which sets out the matriculation results achieved by Free State schools which have attended this programme since 2010. The results are all the more remarkable as each principal only attended four workshops in the year he/she was trained by BCF. In South Africa there are four grades of matriculation. With a Bachelors pass one is able to attend university and with a Diploma pass, a technical university.

Senior Certificate Pass Rate

The most pleasing feature of these results is the fact that the percentage of learners graduating from high school with a Bachelors or Diploma pass increased from 59% in 2015 to 79% in 2016.

Transforming school safety

Thousands of schools have no school safety plan and few visible safety signs.

In response to requests from Departments of Education during 2016 BCF developed a mass training programme to assist schools to develop their unique school safety plans and evacuation practices. Training includes rehearsal of safety and evacuation skills with post training monitoring of, and assistance with, implementation.

What Principals say about the Schools Centre of Excellence Programme

Emphasis on ‘catching people doing the right things’ has brought self-responsibility and commitment to individuals. Mr Q Sefudi, Adeline Meje School, South Africa.

The SMT was able to mobilise all stakeholders (staff, learners, parents and SGB). The SMT managed to implement turnaround strategies e.g. afternoon studies, management of conflicts, rewarding of good and well done jobs. SM Radebe, Principal, Sediba Thuto. South Africa.

The SMT of the School has become the driving force towards performance. George Moleko, Principal, Renyakalletse Primary School, South Africa.

There is now a sense of accountability among educators. J L Mathebula, Principal, Thabang School, South Africa.

We will continue to use the acquired skills to continually improve the way we run our School. T E Tsoelate, Principal, Ntsoanatsatsi Primary School. South Africa.

Every educator wants to see him/herself as a high performer in his/her field. D V Mguce, Deputy Principal, Mahlabatheng School. South Africa.

Punctuality improved considerably. Discipline improved. Communication with parents improved. Performance of the SGB improved. Learner performance was good in both March and June examinations. M T Pitso, Principal, Rebatla Thuto. South Africa. Watch video.

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  • Joseph Makola describes the journey his school has taken to become a performing school

What HODs say about the Outstanding Public School Programme

As HOD I now know how to handle teachers and learners showing different emotions, how to work as a team and how to plan – setting target goals and sticking to dates. Ms M H Marametsi, HOD, Kgabareng, Secondary School. South Africa. Watch video.

What Parents Say About BCF National Parenting Skills Programmes

  • I now know how to discipline and inspire my child - watch video.
  • 'I used to copy what my parents did – or the opposite - with varying degrees of success. These new skills have opened my eyes and we are making progress I did not think possible.’
  • ‘My kids use family meetings to discuss my behaviour! We are a more close-knit family unit – a team if you like!’
  • ‘I have discovered that Charlie loves routine. Now he gets up at six, goes to the loo, dresses in strict order, pants, shirt, trousers, etc., eats breakfast, cleans teeth, picks up the bag he packed the previous night and meets me at the door where he expects me to be at 6.45! He gets to school and I get to work on time. It works!’
  • ‘Win-Win Parenting has taught me to keep my emotions in check and to keep focus.’
  • ‘One-on-one coaching is a winner. Goal setting is the key to future success.’
  • ‘I have definitely learnt new skills for bringing up my beautiful children which has been difficult at times. Now we will definitely get there!’
  • ‘Thank you so much for your time and input. I want to learn more!!!!’

What Parents say about the Teachers Who Train Them

  • ‘Well done! Congrats team on an absolutely polished /professional workshop.’
  • 'Fantastic. This School has a lot of initiative.’
  • ‘The presenters did a great job of breaking the ice and making it practical.’
  • ‘Well done and well facilitated.’
  • ‘Such imagination and creativity. You guys are great!’

What Teachers who present the BCF National Parenting Skills Programme say about the Programme

Watch video

See videos of teachers in action presenting the BCF National Parenting Skills Programme

What Circuit managers say about the National Parenting Skills Programme

"At schools where the national parenting skills programme has been presented, parent participation in school activities is up, parent involvement in homework completion is up, school attendance is up, homework completion is up, studying for examination is up, results throughout the year are up and the dropout rate has dropped." Circuit managers Northern Cape, South Africa.