Positioning Statement, Goals and Objectives

Positioning Statement

The Billion Child Foundation provides philanthropists and corporations concerned about

  • the appalling state of global and national public/community education
  • the limited opportunities for children born into disadvantage

with the opportunity to invest in a Non-Profit dedicated to conducting mass training national, provincial and state-wide programmes to mobilise parents, learners, teachers, school management teams and communities to ensure an excellent education and bright and resilient future life for all children at the lowest proven cost thus gaining the best return from their donation investments.

Inspirational Goal

To enable a billion children and young people to gain an excellent education while being supported by committed, informed parents by 2044.

International Goal

To deliver BCF’s proven programmes to every country. Delivery will depend upon funding.

Transformation goal

To transform schools to become centres of excellence and families to be inspirational, goal directed and peaceful havens for all family members.

How we are working to attain this goal

BCF provides mass training programmes at a minimal cost per trainee to ensure each child is able to attend a high performing public school, is taught by well-trained motivated teachers and is supported by confident, informed trained parents who are fully involved in their child’s education and with their school and live in a child-friendly community.