What do you want to teach your children?
Written by Alan   

3 May 2019

Most parents never ask themselves what they want to teach their children

Here are 22 suggestions

1. How to handle disappointment, bullying and rudeness

2. Self-discipline and self-reliance

3. The importance of being honest.

4. That education will change their lives forever

5. That it takes hard work and commitment to achieve

6. To constantly look after the only body they will ever have.

7. To respect, the law, other people’s property, people in authority, other people’s ideas, the elderly, the weak, parents, friends, your body and the environment



8. How to Listen

9. Why it is important to be kind, nice and polite.

10. To apologize and forgive

11. How to choose the right friends

12. To take personal responsibility

13. To understand the importance of saving.

14. To set plans and goals.

15. Not to selfishly manipulate every situation to get what they want

16. To control their temper

17. To evaluate things they hear, see and experience

18. To learn from their successes and mistakes

19. To be positive - that tomorrow will always come bringing new opportunities

20. To share

21. To take responsibility for their actions

22. To share ownership of their home

23. Mutual respect, appreciation, acceptance and understanding