CEO launches new Programme at Worlddidac Conference
Written by Alan   

22 November 2018

Our founder and CEO Alan J Whitaker proudly announced the international launch of the International Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme at the Worlddidac Conference in Bern, Switzerland on the 9th November.

He told the Conference that this programme has the capacity, track-record and funding model to enable ministries of education in every country to ensure every district office official, school inspectors, principals and teachers all worked as one cohesive team all focused on each school and every classroom becoming a centre of excellence.

More importantly, he stressed that this would enable ministries of education in every country to reinvent every school and every classroom to become a centre of excellence within 5 years.

This Programme could see tens, if not hundreds of thousands of schools being reinvented to become centres of excellence every year.

Delegates said this Programme could be described as the biggest advance in public school education for 50 years.

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