Build and race a box cart at your school
Written by Alan   

7 September 2018

Remember building your own box car when you were a kid? Perhaps riding in one which your friend built with pram, stroller or bicycle wheels and pieces of wood they found in Dad's garage?

Exclusive Conversions has developed a kit to construct and race boxcars which is combined with a teacher led training programme.

The training programme is entitled Masters of Gravity. It enables team learning in action of statistical and mathematical methodologies to discover optimal driving and designs for the boxcar. This involves accurate data collection and analysis, use of mathematical concepts of ratio, proportion and geometry. Students learn how simple machines can be optimised and raced through a study of gravity, energy, friction and speed. This Programme combines fun with rapid application of skills and knowledge.

This involves teams of students at schools anywhere in the world learning about and applying maths and mechanics to race their boxcars against other schools in their area.

Exclusive Conversions, an innovative South African company which specialises in renovating and restoring Porsche cars, manufactures box cars which learners can safely assemble and race at school.

For further information on the Masters of Gravity Programme and to learn how to set up a Derby between schools in your area, contact the CEO Anton Dekker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone him on +27 83 258 4282.