Saga bring HOPE to 7,000 children in Langa
Written by Alan   

3 July 2018

Sarah Jenner, Trust Executive, announced today that the Saga Charitable Trust (UK) will fund the training of 90 teachers and pastors to present BCFs Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme to the de facto parents of nearly 7,000 children living in the Langa Township in Cape Town.

Life in Langa is tough and massive unemployment, poverty and low educational outcomes for most children are as much a reality as is the breakdown of family life and cohesion. Families are plagued daily by gang violence, drugs, alcoholism, rape and pre-teen and teenage pregnancies.

In this charnel house of dreams and ambition, parents who attend this Programme will be taught parenting skills which, in so many other townships in S Africa, have created HOPE for their children and cohesive harmonious family life and replaced

  • Violence and verbal abuse by dignity, respect and family pride;
  • Parental anger by understanding, encouragement and calm reflection;
  • Family dysfunction by cohesion, family routines, orderliness and respect, and
  • Parental abdication and domination by involvement of all family members in supporting each other.

BCFs Win-Win Parenting Programme has been attended by de facto parents of over 300,000 children in South Africa.