Nine suggestions for schools and communities to join hands
Written by Alan   

25th October 2017

  1. Ask businesses to provide summer employment for teachers— perhaps only 3-4 weeks — but an experience that provides first-hand experience about what the working environment outside the school demands.

  2. Invite business partners to establish practical projects which provide students with the opportunity to apply the knowledge they gain at school. 

  3. Work with business leaders to provide resources that will move the business expertise and skills into the classroom. Move beyond the traditional ways businesses have offered help in the past.

  4. Develop a plan for taking the school to the community, rather than always expecting the community to come to the school.

  5. Ask local civic or service groups such as Rotary, Lions and Round Table to invite teachers, school leaders or members of the school governing body/PTA to speak to them. Share successes and concerns that need community attention.

  6. Develop a ‘speakers’ bureau’ with a database of alumni, parents, business leaders and local service groups to provide dynamic speakers to talk to students about the realities of the workplace; what they look for in interviews, job opportunities and educational requirements. 

  7. Develop a PR program to inform the community about innovative and successful school programmes or awards. Ask local businesses to assist.

  8. Invite the community to school events (student art shows, plays, debates, competitions between schools such as spelling bees). Consider holding such events in community facilities. 

  9. Ask business partners to allow use of empty store front windows for displays about school projects and successes.