if your parents are poor, where can you get an excellent education?
Written by Alan   

10 March 2021

This is a photo of Nanapang Primary School in southern Malawi.

While we pray that funds become available to build a modern well equipped school, the sad truth is that millions of children are taught under trees, in wooden structures like Namapanga PS, in corrugated iron classrooms and mud huts.

The quality of the academic results however are in the hands of the teachers, school management and parents.

If they work as a team they can create a centre of excellence using the resources they have. A school is not a brick structure but comprises a team of teachers, students, managers and parents. The academic outcomes depend upon them.

Quality education depends upon who stands at the front of the classroom. Physical resources play a key role but equipping human resources - our teachers - is priority number one and here BCF can play a vital role.

BCF can provide the principal/head teacher of each school with the strategies, leadership skills and management systems to reinvent their schools through the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme.

By implementing this Programme in each country, every single one of the estimated one million under-performing schools in the world could be turned into a centre of excellence.

The cost of building modern brick schools to provide every child with beautiful school would cost billions of dollars and would do little to ensure each child receives an excellent education. For 2-3 million dollars each country could transform education at every school.