Every country should train all its principals to transform their schools into cenres of excellence
Written by Alan   

16 February 2021

In a book entitled Driving School Improvement: A practical guide written by Pamela Macklin and Vic Zbar the authors state "A lot of time has been spent in Australia talking about what needs doing in schools at a time when leaders know what they have to do. They all appreciate, to use the jargon, the need to 'raise the bar and narrow the gap'. The challenge is less the 'what ' than the 'how'. How to consistently implement the key strategies the school has chosen to adopt in ways that are sustainable through time."

We could not agree more.

Since 2011 through its International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme the Billion Child Foundation has trained hundreds of principals to develop strategies, leadership skills and management systems to transform the culture of their schools into centres of excellence. Over 94% of the principals have seen academic outcomes rocket to reach levels achieved by the best government schools in their countries. It is the HOW which enables sustainable change at each school. The majority of these schools are situated in rural areas with indigenous populations.

Whereas the authors report on efforts of individual principals, or clusters of schools working together, BCF contracts with national, state or provincial ministries of education to train their school inspectors/circuit managers to train every principal in their respective countries, states or provinces to transform all their schools into centres of excellence. Every country needs to train every principal of its under-performing schools how to change the school culture to ensure every child has the opportunity to obtain an excellent education at a school which operates as a centre of excellence and enjoys a high-performance culture.

This book is featured in this week's edition of the Australian Teacher magazine.