Who says there are no solutions to family and gender based violence?
Written by Alan   

11 February 2021

TV and radio stations all over the world regularly hold talk shows about the pandemic of family and gender-based violence. I have never heard a programme which does not end with a conclusion that little or nothing can be done.


The SAPS commander in Sasolburg, an industrial city in South Africa reported that callouts to family violence in Refengkgotso - a rural town in the Free State Province - declined by more than 50% for more than two years after 73 religious leaders had trained thousands of parents in practical parenting skills.

These religious leaders not only trained parents living in and around their churches. They visited each home regularly to coach parents facing challenges in implementing the practical parenting skills they had taught the parents and preached family values at church on most Sundays.

Life in Refengkgotso is tough. Over 75% of adults are unemployed. Gangsterism and substance abuse are rife. Educational outcomes are low with many students dropping out of school and there are high levels of teenage and pre-teenage pregnancy. Many people are perpetually angry and feel they have been abandoned by the government and society. There couldn't be a worse place to expect parents to transform their parenting, to stop physical, mental and emotional abuse and replace these abhorrent and destructive habits with 21st century cutting edge practical parenting skills, and to walk the talk.

Why not make a difference. Contact me today. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    We can train you to train people in your community in practical parenting skills which will transform family and gender-based violence.


Training facilitators to present the Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme in Diepsloot -one of the world's most dangerous townships.