Nothing stops bullets, famine and ignorance like education
Written by Alan   

14 January 2021

BCF begins 2021 in great shape to transform education, parenting and family life throughout the world.

Five countries (Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, The Gambia and Uganda) are currently studying MOUs which they requested BCF to develop which will lead to BCF training their Ministries of Education to transform every government school in their countries into centres of excellence. BCF will also capacitate these Ministries of Education to launch programmes to provide parents with practical parenting skills at every school.

We confidently anticipate that these programmes will significantly improve academic outcomes and radically reduce family and gender-based violence in each participating country.

This is a big deal.

Over 70% of students at government schools in South Africa mostly in rural areas or townships which attended the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme gained a university or technical university matriculation pass in 2019.

In addition, BCF is currently in discussions which might lead to the launch of the above programmes in Australia, countries in Central and South America and six other African countries post Covid 19.