You have the potential to become a Great Person
Written by Alan   

21st July 2020

Every baby is born with 100 million neurons. We were all born equal. And we were all born with the potential to be Great.

It doesn't matter where you were born, whether you went to a great school, not even whether you succeeded at school. You still have the potential to be Great.

We all have different aptitudes and experiences but when you begin to work to improve the lives of others, initially in your spare time, you start your journey to become Great.

Most Great People will never be celebrated by their fellow countrymen and women. Life's like that. But they are rewarded every now and again with miracles which amaze them. What reward could be a greater?

All BCF Country Managers who work to deliver BCF programmes in their home countries are Great People.

Meet our team of Great People - all volunteers - all committed to ensuring every child is able to attend a public school which operates as a centre of excellence while being supported by a committed informed parent.

Victor Ogundipe - BCF Director West Africa and Country Manager in Ghana

Sally Kim - BCF Director East Africa

Marie Chantal - BCF Country Representative - Cotê d Ivoire

Mohamed Turay - BCF Country Representative - The Gambia

Katongo Musukuma - BCF Country Manager - Zambia

Kabelo Tabona - BCF Country Manager - Botswana

Samuel Odoi - BCF Country Representative - Uganda

Eva McCann - BCF Social Media Coordinator

There are a billion ways in which you can become a Great Person. Why not consider training parents to become confident parents or fundraising for BCF.

Nothing stops bullets, famine and ignorance like education and informed committed parenting.