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How to Create Harmony in your Home - Suggestion No 3 - Rules of the Home
Written by Alan   

22 April 2020

Wow! We have again been inundated with compliments, suggestions and questions arising from the public service practical parenting skills suggestions we have shared via social media, LinkedIn, our website and through emails to our 900 Friends of the Billion Child Foundation around the world.

Our third suggestion to help you and all your friends and relations maintain harmony in the home at this difficult time is to develop Rules of the Home.

Rules of the Home which are developed by all who share your home at a Family Meeting will help you make a big step forward in creating harmony in your home.

You will find an example of a Rules of the Home chart at the bottom of this newsflash.

Next week's practical parenting skill will demonstrate how to use the Four Steps of Praising.

The practical parenting skills suggestions we share with you are directly from our Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme which has been attended by over 257,000 parents.

Strong families are the backbone of society. Please forward this Creating Harmony in your Home suggestion to your friends and extended family.

Please send your feedback and suggestions directly to me.

The oldest Mum to attend our Win-Win Parenting Programme was 54. One of her children was 31 and the other two 27 and 28. She was the family slave, washing their clothes, preparing all meals, making their beds, cleaning the house, doing all the shopping, emptying the garbage and she had a full time job as well. If she asked her children for help, they complained or said they would do it later, but never or seldom did so.

After attending her first Win-Win Parenting workshop she went home and

How to Create Harmony in your Home - Suggestion # 2
Written by Alan   

15th April, 2020

Wow!  We have been inundated with compliments, suggestions and questions arising from Creating Harmony in your Home: Suggestion # 1 published last week which related to how to create harmony using a Reward Chart.

Our second suggestion to help you and all your friends and relations at this difficult time is that, even if you are only two adults sharing a home, you should have a regular - perhaps weekly - family meeting.

Having a regular family meeting will empower your family to become “we” focused instead of Mum and Dad calling the shots.

In addition, family meetings will:

  • Enhance harmonious family relationships and bonding.
  • Improve morale of the whole family in these difficult times.
  • Enhance behaviour of the house – “this is our house.”
  • Ensure that your home is a place where all family members share, care and feel safe.

A detailed explanation of how to make family meetings a success, what to discuss, etc follows below.

BCF Parenting skills to get you through the lockdown in harmony
Written by Alan   

2 April 2020

Reward charts offer a way to establish improved harmony in the home while setting up children aged 3-7 with the opportunity to become winners.

It doesn't take much time to create a reward chart each week.

The payback is constructive behaviour and less friction.

Every child is different so no single parenting tool works with all children, but you will never know till you try it.

Written by Alan   

27 March 2020

BCF is observing the lockdown.

This has halted the training of 1,020 principals of schools who are currently being trained by their school inspectors to turn their schools into centres of excellence. Implementation of the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme will begin when schools reopen.

The lockdown has also caused the temporary cessation of training of pastors, teachers and community leaders to train parents how to become more confident and committed parents who will raise their children to be future winners. Delivery of BCF National Parenting Skills Programmes will resume as soon as schools reopen in Ghana, Botswana and South Africa.

1.020 principals in Limpopo being trained to turn their schools into Centres of Excellence
Written by Alan   

Originally when Worley RSA, who are developing the biggest diamond mine in Africa for De Beers in Limpopo Province of South Africa, discussed launching a legacy programme to benefit the community around the mine they envisaged funding the Billion Child Foundation to turn 72 schools into centres of excellence.

Subsequently they increased their commitment which enabled BCF to turn 220 schools into centres of excellence.

So successful was the programme that principals of an additional 800 schools have paid to join the programme which brings the total to 1,020 schools.

Principals of the Malamulele East Circuit near Mititi right on the Kruger National Park fence after completing the first round of the SA Schools Centre of Excellence Programme which will empower them to turn their schools into centres of excellence.  While training was taking place elephants were demolishing trees on the opposite side of the fence. It is difficult to imagine a place more rural than that.

Approximately 97% of the nearly 2,000 schools which have participated in the SA Schools Centre of Excellence Programme are situated in deep rural areas or urban townships. Despite being situated in areas where poverty, unemployment, substance abuse. family and gender based violence, the breakdown of family relationships and high levels of teenage pregnancy are endemic, over 80% of teenagers who wrote their matriculation examinations at these schools gained a university or technical university entrance pass in 2019.

We expect the 1.020 schools to achieve similar results by 2022.

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