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Saga bring HOPE to 7,000 children in Langa
Written by Alan   

3 July 2018

Sarah Jenner, Trust Executive, announced today that the Saga Charitable Trust (UK) will fund the training of 90 teachers and pastors to present BCFs Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme to the de facto parents of nearly 7,000 children living in the Langa Township in Cape Town.

Life in Langa is tough and massive unemployment, poverty and low educational outcomes for most children are as much a reality as is the breakdown of family life and cohesion. Families are plagued daily by gang violence, drugs, alcoholism, rape and pre-teen and teenage pregnancies.

In this charnel house of dreams and ambition, parents who attend this Programme will be taught parenting skills which, in so many other townships in S Africa, have created HOPE for their children and cohesive harmonious family life and replaced

  • Violence and verbal abuse by dignity, respect and family pride;
  • Parental anger by understanding, encouragement and calm reflection;
  • Family dysfunction by cohesion, family routines, orderliness and respect, and
  • Parental abdication and domination by involvement of all family members in supporting each other.

BCFs Win-Win Parenting Programme has been attended by de facto parents of over 300,000 children in South Africa.

Winner of the Education Leadership Award at the 7th World Education Congress
Written by Alan   

28 June 2018

Last week BCF was able to boast winning the NGO Impact of the Year award at the biggest educational conference in Africa.

This week we proudly announce that a panel of highly respected academics and educationalists has awarded BCF the Education Leadership Trophy at the prestigious World Education Congress which will be held in Mumbai during July 2018.

Both these awards were presented in recognition of BCFs development of its Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme which enables every country to reinvent each district office and every school in each district to become a centre of excellence within four years.

In Lesotho, which was the first country to launch this programme, 61% more learners graduated from previously under-performing primary schools to attend high school compared to a control group of 20 schools which did not participate in the Programme.

For further information on these awards or BCF programmes please do not hesitate to contact me.

BCF win NGO Impact of the Year award
Written by Alan   

16th June 2018

On the evening of Friday the 15th June BCF won the prestigious and coveted NGO Impact of the Year award at the 2018 Eduweek Conference which is the biggest educational conference in Africa with over 4,000 delegates from all over the continent.

The award was received by our CEO Alan J Whitaker who also made the keynote speech on Saturday the 16th on the topic "How to turn every education district and every school in that district into a centre of excellence in any country within 4 years."

Vision PR London partners BCF to publicise the work of BCF
Written by Alan   

30 May 2018

I am proud to announce that Vision PR, London and BCF have signed an agreement for Vision PR to give publicity to, and raise funds in support of, the various Programmes BCF conducts in Africa and around the world.

Chrissie Fatoki, the Chief Executive of Vision PR says “It is a rare and beautiful thing when an organisation firmly supports and actively creates social change. This is precisely what the Billion Child Foundation does. Vision PR could not be prouder to support this incredible cause, and to propel their global initiative to improve the standards of education internationally and pave the way for the next generation to create a brighter future for us all”.

BCF CEO Keynote Speaker at prestigious Eduweek Conference
Written by Alan   

25th May 2018

BCF is proud to announce that our CEO Alan J Whitaker, has been invited to be keynote speaker  at the prestigious 2018 Eduweek Conference in Johannesburg on Saturday 16th June.

He will address the conference on "Transforming every public school in Africa into a centre of excellence"

He will cover

  • Problems caused by schools for district offices and by district offices for schools.

  • How to reinvent every district office and every school in your country into a centre of excellence within four years.

  • Successes enjoyed by the BCF International Education District Centre of Excellence Programme.

If you have not yet registered for the 2018 Eduweek Conference click here to do so.

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