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Launch of BCF in Ghana and Zambia
Written by Alan   

23 May 2019

The Billion Child Foundation (Zambia) was registered as a charity with the Zambia Ministry of Community Development this week.

The Billion Child Foundation (Ghana) will be registered as a charity in Ghana within four weeks.

These registrations led by Katongo Musukuma in Zambia and Victor Ogundipe in Ghana will, providing funds are raised, lead to the launch of national parenting skills training programmes and the launch of a programme to reinvent every public school  as a centre of excellence in each of these countries later this year.

What do you want to teach your children?
Written by Alan   

3 May 2019

Most parents never ask themselves what they want to teach their children

Here are 22 suggestions

1. How to handle disappointment, bullying and rudeness

2. Self-discipline and self-reliance

3. The importance of being honest.

4. That education will change their lives forever

5. That it takes hard work and commitment to achieve

6. To constantly look after the only body they will ever have.

7. To respect, the law, other people’s property, people in authority, other people’s ideas, the elderly, the weak, parents, friends, your body and the environment

Training parents of 3,000 children in Langa
Written by Alan   

26th April 2019

Thanks to the generosity of SAGA Charitable Trust in the UK BCF has trained 53 pastors to train parents in the dangerous Langa township in Cape Town.

Pastors are currently training parents at their churches.

This should see over 3,000 children being raised by committed informed parents in cohesive, harmonious homes to become confident, self-reliant individuals who will complete their education and ultimately escape a life in poverty.

Pastor Eric Malangabe training parents how to discipline with love.

Family and gender violence under attack
Written by Alan   

28th March 2019

Win-Win Parenting trainee facilitators enjoying a break during their three day facilitator training programme this week.

They will train hundreds of parents in the dangerous Diepsloot township near Johannesburg during April.

The SA Police Service has reported that Win-Win Parenting has proven to reduce gender and family based violence by over 50% for a period of more than two years after parents are trained.

This Programme was sponsored by Investec.

Ensuring every child in the classroom is always engaged
Written by Alan   

12 March 19

'I think the really important idea is that every student in the classroom knows that they can be expected to be asked to respond to a teacher question, or can be asked to comment on something another student has said. If we want to create a community of learners, it’s not enough that students are quiet when other students are speaking – they have to be listening appreciatively to each other.'

To read more about this topic click here to hear Emeritus Professor of Educational Assessment at University College London talk about effective questioning in the classroom, the benefits of a no hands up policy, a classroom display called ‘the parking lot’, and planning your lesson around hinge questions.

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