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Investec funds parent training through ECDs in Diepsloot
Written by Alan   

17th October 2018

Murder, rape and violent robbery happen every day making Diepsloot one of the most dangerous townships in the world. The breakdown of family life, pre-teenage and teenage pregnancy, gangs and substance abuse are rife. Yet among this charnel house young people have the same dreams that young people all over the world share - to escape a life in poverty and enjoy the fruits of financial success and to become a respected person.

Surveys around the world always come to same conclusion. The route to social mobility is through education.

Win-Win Parenting has a track record of success. The Northern Cape Department of Education reported that at 109 schools where the Programme was delivered to parents by teachers, homework completion, school attendance, marks and progression rates all increased while the school dropout rate declined.  The police commander in Sasolburg reported that two years after the Programme had been presented to parents in a township named Refengkgotso that call-outs to family violence had declined by over 50% and remained at that level. A report on parent attitudes in Refengkgotso conducted after the police report was received is available free from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    It will blow your socks off!

For the fourth consecutive year Investec has funded the delivery of the BCF Win-Win Parenting Skills Training Programme in the Diepsloot township near Johannesburg.

Investec funding will enable BCF to train owners and principals of ECDs (early childhood development centres/kindergartens) to provide parents with the practical skills they need to raise confident, self-reliant children who will ultimately succeed in life.

CEO to chair panel discussion at EduTech Africa 2018 Conference
Written by Alan   

28th September, 2018

Our CEO will chair a panel discussion which will explore ICT implementation challenges and successes by the provincial departments of education in South Africa at the EduTech Conference in Sandton, South Africa on the 10th October.

EduTech Africa 2018 is the biggest EduTech conference in Africa with more than 3,000 attendees expected to attend.

Nothing stops bullets, famine and ignorance like education !!
Written by Alan   

26 September 2018

CEO to present keynote speech at conference In Bern, Switzerland in November
Written by Alan   

21 September 2018

Our CEO Alan J Whitaker has been invited to make a keynote address at the Worlddidac International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference in Bern on the 7th November 2018.

His topic will be "Turning every public school in every country into a centre of excellence within five years".

This follows an invitation to speak at the 9th World Education Congress in Mumbai in July 2019.

The keynote speech he delivered at the 2018 12th Eduweek Conference in South Africa in June 2018 received the highest praise for content and delivery. At this conference BCF also won the award "NGO IMPACT of the YEAR" for its International Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme.

Build and race a box cart at your school
Written by Alan   

7 September 2018

Remember building your own box car when you were a kid? Perhaps riding in one which your friend built with pram, stroller or bicycle wheels and pieces of wood they found in Dad's garage?

Exclusive Conversions has developed a kit to construct and race boxcars which is combined with a teacher led training programme.

The training programme is entitled Masters of Gravity. It enables team learning in action of statistical and mathematical methodologies to discover optimal driving and designs for the boxcar. This involves accurate data collection and analysis, use of mathematical concepts of ratio, proportion and geometry. Students learn how simple machines can be optimised and raced through a study of gravity, energy, friction and speed. This Programme combines fun with rapid application of skills and knowledge.

This involves teams of students at schools anywhere in the world learning about and applying maths and mechanics to race their boxcars against other schools in their area.

Exclusive Conversions, an innovative South African company which specialises in renovating and restoring Porsche cars, manufactures box cars which learners can safely assemble and race at school.

For further information on the Masters of Gravity Programme and to learn how to set up a Derby between schools in your area, contact the CEO Anton Dekker at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone him on +27 83 258 4282.

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