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Announcing a huge programme in Limpopo
Written by Alan   

3 February 2020.

Worley Ltd and BCF proudly announce the launch of a new programme which will see the training of principals of 220 schools in the Vhembe and Capricorn districts of the Limpopo province.

This programme will not only benefit the 150,000 learners who currently attend these schools but all the children who will attend these schools for years to come. Once a school has become a centre of excellence it usually increases its academic excellence and results year after year as is borne out by schools which attended in the Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces of South Africa.

After training principals in the Eastern and Northern Cape Provinces in South Africa in 2015 matriculation results at the secondary schools trained have increased annually as is demonstrated below





Percent learners gaining a NSC

Percent learners gaining a Bachelor or Diploma

Percent learners gaining a NSC

Percent learners gaining a Bachelor or Diploma

Northern Cape (John Taolo Gaetsewe District)





Eastern Cape





Bachelor and Diploma matriculation passes in South Africa entitle entrance to university and technical university respectively. The National Senior Certificate is a basic matriculation certificate.

Worley Ltd South Africa is a leading global provider of project and asset services in the energy, chemical and resources sectors. It is currently developing a diamond mine for De Beers in the LImpopo and selected this BCF programme in order to make a major impact on the upliftment of local communities.

Fezile Dabi top education district for three years in a row
Written by Alan   

30th January 2020

In 2010 Fezile Dabi was a very average rural education district in the Free State Province of South Africa with only 48% of its learners gaining a basic matriculation school leavers pass at its under-performing schools.

In January 2020 the National Minister of Basic Education announced that Fezile Dabi was the top performing education district in South Africa in the 2019 matric exams.

91% of learners at previously under-performing schools in Fezile Dabi obtained a basic matriculation pass. More importantly, 80% of the learners who sat the exam obtained university or technical university pass. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!!





Percentage of learners gaining a basic matriculation (school leavers) pass





Percentage of learners gaining a university or technical university entrance pass





* The Department of Basic Education did not publish this data till 2015.

Fezile Dabi is a rural education district with only two large towns. The majority of its schools are situated in rural villages at least 50 km apart. And yet Fezile Dabi has, for three consecutive years out-performed education districts in Johannesburg and Cape Town with their many well-resourced public schools which enjoy a tradition of gaining excellent results!

A miracle!! How did Fezile Dabi become the top performing education district in the nation three years in a row?

In 2011/12 principals of all the under-performing schools in Fezile Dabi attended the SA Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme which is a BCF culture change programme designed to turn every school in an education district into a centre of excellence. IT WORKS!!

BCF does not claim it was the sole contributor to the impressive gains made in Fezile Dabi but that it:

1. Provided the catalyst which kick-started the sustainable improvements at each school.

2. Empowered each principal to establish a high-performance culture which enabled every school in the district to journey towards becoming a centre of excellence.

Once a school has become a centre of excellence, or is well on its way to doing so, principals come and go but the teachers and managers keep the vibrant culture of effective teaching and effective learning alive.

Sally Kim appointed BCF Director
Written by Alan   

28th January 2020

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Sally Kim as a director of the Billion Child Foundation.

Sally will mainly focus on launching BCF programmes in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Sally is an international speaker and facilitator who welcomes every opportunity to share her expertise of women in leadership positions and digital learning best practices.

With her extensive network in Europe, Asia, America and sub-Saharan Africa Sally is an experienced consultant in:

•  Establishing coding & robotics projects.

•  Advising on procurement of resources.

•  Spearheading needs assessments of infrastructure, sustainability and scalability of projects in the digital sector.

Sally Kim has a bachelors on international marketing management from Alison School of Business Management. She has certificates and licenses from IBM on Block Chain, Cyber security and STEM.

Sally is the founder & Chief Executive for Edustore Africa with several existing business associates in Europe, America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

BCF launch massive parent training programme in Langa
Written by Alan   

20 January 2020

Pastor Eric Malangabi training parents at his church April 2019

BCF proudly announce a partnership with the SAGA Charitable Trust UK which will enable the training of 45 pastors in the Langa Township 8 km from the Cape Town city centre.

These pastors are expected to train an estimated 2,400 parents thus benefiting at least 6,000 children.

Training of pastors in Langa begins on the 15th February.

When a similar programme was conducted in townships near Sasolburg, the SAPS commander reported that callouts to family and gender based violence declined by more than 50% for more than two years.  IT CAN BE DONE!!

BCF has the silver bullet to enable Ministries of Education in every country to turn every one of their schools into a centre of excellence
Written by Alan   

7 January 2020

It is estimated that there are over one million under-performing schools attended by over 850,000,000 children.

In South Africa where BCF has been conducting the Schools Centre of Excellence Training Programme for principals of previously under-performing schools for the Free State Department of Education since 2011, 90% of learners from previously under-performing schools gained a matriculation pass in 2019.

More importantly 74% of learners gained a university or technical university entrance matriculation pass.  THIS IS A BIG DEAL as it provides proof that these schools are well on their way to become centres of excellence.

For the third year in a row the Free State Province has been announced by the Minister of Basic Education to be the top performing province in South Africa.

It is possible to turn around public school education in every country

When principals engage teachers, learners, parents and the entire community, things change. This is one of the eight hallmarks of a school operating as a centre of excellence.

The Billion Child Foundation is currently in discussions to launch this Programme in fifteen countries in Sub-Saharan Africa and Central and South America.

If you would like more information on these results, the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme or to discuss assisting the Billion Child Foundation in any capacity please don't hesitate to contact me. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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