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BCF CEO invited to speak at the biggest EduTech conference in Africa
Written by Alan   

BCF proudly announce that our CEO Alan J Whitaker has been invited to speak at the 2018 EduTECH Africa Conference on the 9th October at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg. This conference is billed as Africa's largest Edutech conference and exhibition.

He will explain how the UNICEF funded Lesotho Districts Centre of Excellence Programme designed and presented by BCF has been expanded into the International Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme which has the capacity to turn every school in every country into a centre of excellence within five years.

Panels of internationally respected academics and educationists recognised the potential of this Programme by awarding BCF the 'Education Leadership Trophy at the World Education Congress held in Mumbai in July 2018 and 'NGO of the Year' at the 12th annual Eduweek Conference held in Johannesburg in June 2018.

District Directors who have been exposed to this Programme refer to it as the silver bullet or game changer they have been waiting for.

For further information on the topic Alan will address, or if you would like to invite him to speak at your conference or convention, please contact him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

What parents say about BCFs Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme
Written by Alan   

2 August 2018

‘My kids use family meetings to discuss my behaviour! We are a more close-knit family unit – a team if you like!’

‘I have definitely learnt new skills for bringing up my beautiful children which has been difficult at times. Now we will definitely get there!’

‘Thank you so much for your time and input. I want to learn more!!!!’

'I used to copy what my parents did – or the opposite - with varying degrees of success. These new skills have opened my eyes and we are making progress I did not think possible.’

‘The old tyrannical me is gone. I am not a monster anymore. I could see them growing from fearful to confident loving and trusting children.’

‘We are building our family together. We all have more confidence from being valued.’

‘We are making amends for the lost time.’

‘I was very domineering and quick to spank. We were taught to give a hiding and ask questions after. I had not been aware how much I made my children hate me but now we are cool. I have become a kind and approachable mentor.

Inspiring teachers
Written by Alan   

26 July 2018

Schools can journey towards becoming centres of excellence only if teachers feel valued and respected by school management and peers.

Many teachers, especially in under-performing schools, work in a vacuum. They prepare their lessons alone, travel to school alone, teach alone, travel home alone and receive very little feedback on either their hours of preparation or enthusiastic in-class delivery.

Dani Lang who took over an under-performing school in London three years ago tackled this problem and his school is one of the better performing schools in the UK today.

This link will take you to an article which appeared in the Australian Teacher magazine. It is available as a podcast or PDF.

If you have a success story regarding your school or education district please email it to me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Let's share the story and the glory of teaching successes!!

BCF launches first programme in Ghana
Written by Alan   

On the 27th June 2018 the GreenForce Africa Foundation, BCFs partner in Ghana, launched a Community Parenting Forum.

The Communities of Manford, Abura, Nsawam, Mamfam, Amomudu, Alate, Ankamu and Kantam each announced a project to benefit children, families and community cohesion. A project team was elected to manage each of these projects.

Projects ranged from the establishment of vocational training centres, scholarship schemes, libraries, the provision of transport for students and the establishment of an ITC skills training centre.

BCf congratulates the chairman of the GreenForce Africa Foundation and his team for being the first organisation outside Southern Africa to establish a BCF Community Parenting Forum.

Saga bring HOPE to 7,000 children in Langa
Written by Alan   

3 July 2018

Sarah Jenner, Trust Executive, announced today that the Saga Charitable Trust (UK) will fund the training of 90 teachers and pastors to present BCFs Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme to the de facto parents of nearly 7,000 children living in the Langa Township in Cape Town.

Life in Langa is tough and massive unemployment, poverty and low educational outcomes for most children are as much a reality as is the breakdown of family life and cohesion. Families are plagued daily by gang violence, drugs, alcoholism, rape and pre-teen and teenage pregnancies.

In this charnel house of dreams and ambition, parents who attend this Programme will be taught parenting skills which, in so many other townships in S Africa, have created HOPE for their children and cohesive harmonious family life and replaced

  • Violence and verbal abuse by dignity, respect and family pride;
  • Parental anger by understanding, encouragement and calm reflection;
  • Family dysfunction by cohesion, family routines, orderliness and respect, and
  • Parental abdication and domination by involvement of all family members in supporting each other.

BCFs Win-Win Parenting Programme has been attended by de facto parents of over 300,000 children in South Africa.

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