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Written by Alan   

27 March 2020

BCF is observing the lockdown.

This has halted the training of 1,020 principals of schools who are currently being trained by their school inspectors to turn their schools into centres of excellence. Implementation of the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme will begin when schools reopen.

The lockdown has also caused the temporary cessation of training of pastors, teachers and community leaders to train parents how to become more confident and committed parents who will raise their children to be future winners. Delivery of BCF National Parenting Skills Programmes will resume as soon as schools reopen in Ghana, Botswana and South Africa.

1.020 principals in Limpopo being trained to turn their schools into Centres of Excellence
Written by Alan   

Originally when Worley RSA, who are developing the biggest diamond mine in Africa for De Beers in Limpopo Province of South Africa, discussed launching a legacy programme to benefit the community around the mine they envisaged funding the Billion Child Foundation to turn 72 schools into centres of excellence.

Subsequently they increased their commitment which enabled BCF to turn 220 schools into centres of excellence.

So successful was the programme that principals of an additional 800 schools have paid to join the programme which brings the total to 1,020 schools.

Principals of the Malamulele East Circuit near Mititi right on the Kruger National Park fence after completing the first round of the SA Schools Centre of Excellence Programme which will empower them to turn their schools into centres of excellence.  While training was taking place elephants were demolishing trees on the opposite side of the fence. It is difficult to imagine a place more rural than that.

Approximately 97% of the nearly 2,000 schools which have participated in the SA Schools Centre of Excellence Programme are situated in deep rural areas or urban townships. Despite being situated in areas where poverty, unemployment, substance abuse. family and gender based violence, the breakdown of family relationships and high levels of teenage pregnancy are endemic, over 80% of teenagers who wrote their matriculation examinations at these schools gained a university or technical university entrance pass in 2019.

We expect the 1.020 schools to achieve similar results by 2022.

Launch of the SA Schools Centre of Excellence Programme in Limpopo
Written by Alan   

6 March 2020

Circuit Managers in the Limpopo province of South Africa who attended the first workshop of a six month training programme to turn their schools into centres of excellence role playing remotivating and redirecting a deputy principal who has become demotivated due to being overlooked for promotion.

27 Circuit Managers attended the workshop. They enjoyed the participation of the Superintendent General of the Limpopo Department of Education who fully participated in the workshop for an entire day.

This programme will provide principals of 400 schools with the tools and strategies to reinvent their schools to become centres of excellence.

Meet our new Ambassador in Botswana
Written by Alan   

14th February 2020

BCF proudly announces that it has appointed Kabelo Tabona as its Ambassador in Botswana.

He is a humanitarian and philanthropist. His past fundraising efforts have included the donation of 100 blankets, hats, walking sticks for the elderly and food hampers for the needy. Recently he sponsored a lunch for 3,000 people in South Africa. He has long sought a home for his passion and talents and has found his home in the Billion Child Foundation family.

Proudly announcing the launch of our first programme in Botswana
Written by Alan   

14th February 2020

We join BCFs newly appointed Ambassador in Botswana, Kabelo Tabona in proudly announcing our first programme in Botswana.

On the 23rd March BCF will launch its first programme to train 25 facilitators to conduct parenting skills training at schools and churches.

Parents attending the programme will learn how to raise their children to become respectful, confident self-reliant individuals.

Parents also learn of the critical role they need to play in daily reading, creating a stimulating home environment and ensuring homework is appropriately completed each day.

This Programme should initially enable the training of 625 parents benefitting nearly 2,000 children.

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