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Fix domestic violence - 16 Days of Action
Written by Alan   

7 December 2018

All around the world activists and the media demand that steps are taken to reduce family violence.  Men, fathers, governments, schools, family breakdown, poverty and dozens of other scapegoats have been paraded with great noise.

Strangely I have heard little constructive.

Yet the police commander of Sasolburg in the Free State Province of South Africa stated that call-outs to family violence had reduced by 50% for a period of two years after 71 pastors had conducted the Billion Child Foundation Win-Win Parenting Skills Programme in the Refengkgotso township. He had been amazed that the community had formed a Community Parenting Forum which had launched a highly successful programme to identify and send addicted children and young people to drug rehabilitation centres.

A survey of 299 parishioners who had been trained by their pastors in Refengkgotso revealed that in most families, anger has been replaced by understanding; encouragement and calm reflection; dysfunction by cohesion, family routines, orderliness and respect; abdication and domination by involvement of all family members in supporting each other; and violence and verbal abuse by dignity, respect and family pride.


In January 2019

  • SAGA UK funding will enable BCF to train 45 pastors in the dangerous township of Langa in Cape Town  This will impact on an estimated 2,250 families.
  • Investec funding will enable BCF to train 15 principals of early childhood development centres/kindergartens in the equally dangerous Diepsloot township in Johannesburg. This will impact on an estimated 375 families.
Despite intensive marketing no other company or philanthropist has stepped forward to enable BCF to roll this Programme out worldwide!

Millions of family members will be victims of verbal, psychological and physical abuse today.


Act right now.

1. Forward this News that family violence can be halved to your CEO and religious leaders and ask them to launch this Programme in your community.

2. Forward this News to CEOs of grant funding organisations and philanthropists in your country and around the world.

3. Make a small donation at our website www.billionchild.org today. Every R1,000 / £50 / $70 enables BCF to train 100 parents.

4. Forward this Newsletter to your friends and colleagues and ask them to forward it to their friends and colleagues.

5. Raise funds for this Programme in your community, organise a golf day, celebrity dinner, charity walk or fun-run. We can help you set up your campaign.

Alan J Whitaker
The Billion Child Foundation

*The full report of 299 parents in Refengkgotso is available upon request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (It will blow your socks off!!)

**For details on how this Programme works also contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

I need your advice please
Written by Alan   

29 November 2018

Since launching the International Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme in Switzerland this month BCF has received requests from educationalists in 10 African countries inviting it to launch the Programme in their country. I expect to receive more in the coming weeks. They also request BCF to provide the funding to do so.

This programme has a proven track record of enabling the reinvention of every classroom in every school in each education district to become centres of excellence. In Lesotho 61% more pupils graduated from previously under-performing schools.

As CEO of the BCF I need to urgently source funding.

Here is the no brainer.

We need only USD 175 / £140 to turn each school into a centre of excellence.  This equates to only USD 52,500 / £41,100 per education district anywhere in the world!

I urgently need to contact philanthropists, corporate funders, and organisations such as the World Bank, the EU, DFID, individual countries to fund the turning all the schools in entire education districts in developing countries into centres of excellence.

Are you able to introduce me to decision makers in these organisations and do you have any advice on the strategy I should follow when doing so? Thank you in advance for your advice.

CEO launches new Programme at Worlddidac Conference
Written by Alan   

22 November 2018

Our founder and CEO Alan J Whitaker proudly announced the international launch of the International Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme at the Worlddidac Conference in Bern, Switzerland on the 9th November.

He told the Conference that this programme has the capacity, track-record and funding model to enable ministries of education in every country to ensure every district office official, school inspectors, principals and teachers all worked as one cohesive team all focused on each school and every classroom becoming a centre of excellence.

More importantly, he stressed that this would enable ministries of education in every country to reinvent every school and every classroom to become a centre of excellence within 5 years.

This Programme could see tens, if not hundreds of thousands of schools being reinvented to become centres of excellence every year.

Delegates said this Programme could be described as the biggest advance in public school education for 50 years.

Please contact Alan directly at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Turning a million schools into centres of excellence
Written by Alan   

18th October 2018

Introducing the BCF programme capable of turning a million under-performing schools into centres of excellence

Despite billions of dollars being invested annually in initiatives to improve educational outcomes, many, if not the majority of public schools in many countries, stubbornly remain under-performers.

There are estimated to be over one million under-performing schools world-wide attended by 850 million students. At least half of the students in many countries will not complete their education – many barely able to read, write and count.

Our global population is rapidly evolving into two worlds – those with education, jobs, money and a future for themselves and their children, and those with little education, no jobs and no prospects. And these people are increasingly hungry, angry and mobile.

We just don’t have time to turn around one school at a time.

We don’t even have time to turn around 20 or even 50 schools at a time.

We need to turn around tens, if nor hundreds, of thousands of schools each year.

We cannot afford one more year of dumping millions of young people into the ranks of the largely unemployable youth unemployed.

The BCF International Education Districts Centre of Excellence Programme provides a solution

Through this Programme BCF facilitators train officials of national ministries of education to:

  • Train and empower district directors and their management teams to reinvent their district offices to become centres of excellence. 

  • Simultaneously train circuit managers/school inspectors to:  

    • Train and empower principals and deputies to reinvent their schools to become centres of excellence.

    • Monitor circuit managers/school inspectors when they train principals and deputies to ensure accurate delivery of the Programme and to coach circuit managers/school inspectors where necessary.    

    • Visit schools between workshops to monitor implementation and where necessary to coach the circuit managers/school inspectors to ensure they fully develop the coaching and counselling skills they need to reinforce principals  as they lead their schools through this culture change intervention.

Through this Programme every country can own the capacity to turn the majority of their schools into centres of excellence.

When piloted in Lesotho, the Lesotho Ministry of Education and Training reported to UNICEF which funded the Programme that 61% more learners had graduated from previously under-performing primary schools compared to the control group of schools which were excluded from the Programme.

The full report by the Lesotho Ministry of Education and Training to UNICEF who funded the Programme is available upon request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

BCF has already received requests to immediately launch the Programme in Ghana, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Botswana and South Africa. Sadly, these countries do not have the funds to launch the Programme.

You can help provide every child in the world with the opportunity to attend a school which operates as a centre of excellence, escape a life in poverty and ultimately enjoy a middle class life by

1. Forwarding this communication to international grant funding organisations and philanthropists.

2. Making a small donation at our website www.billionchild.org today.

3. Forwarding this communication to your friends and colleagues.


Investec funds parent training through ECDs in Diepsloot
Written by Alan   

17th October 2018

Murder, rape and violent robbery happen every day making Diepsloot one of the most dangerous townships in the world. The breakdown of family life, pre-teenage and teenage pregnancy, gangs and substance abuse are rife. Yet among this charnel house young people have the same dreams that young people all over the world share - to escape a life in poverty and enjoy the fruits of financial success and to become a respected person.

Surveys around the world always come to same conclusion. The route to social mobility is through education.

Win-Win Parenting has a track record of success. The Northern Cape Department of Education reported that at 109 schools where the Programme was delivered to parents by teachers, homework completion, school attendance, marks and progression rates all increased while the school dropout rate declined.  The police commander in Sasolburg reported that two years after the Programme had been presented to parents in a township named Refengkgotso that call-outs to family violence had declined by over 50% and remained at that level. A report on parent attitudes in Refengkgotso conducted after the police report was received is available free from This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it    It will blow your socks off!

For the fourth consecutive year Investec has funded the delivery of the BCF Win-Win Parenting Skills Training Programme in the Diepsloot township near Johannesburg.

Investec funding will enable BCF to train owners and principals of ECDs (early childhood development centres/kindergartens) to provide parents with the practical skills they need to raise confident, self-reliant children who will ultimately succeed in life.

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