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Ensuring the poorest can get great education at their local government school
Written by Alan   

11 May 2021

So we make it equal and insist that all kids attend school - free.

Big deal!!

That only works if the government schools are all high-performance schools which ensure that at least three-quarters of students emerge after 12 years with a university or technical university pass so that they can enjoy tertiary education, take up an apprenticeship or enter a meaningful in-company training programme.

Please look at this cartoon carefully - especially the right-hand one.

Ensuring free education for all is just the first leg up. Ensuring every child gets a high-quality education at their local government school is the second leg in ensuring every child can ultimately escape a life in poverty.

The Billion Child Foundation's goal by 2044 is to empower a billion children living in poverty to attend a government school which operates as a centre of excellence. At schools in Africa where principals have attended the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme 73% of students have obtained a university or technical university admission matriculation pass.

If you would like this programme launched in your country please contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

If you are able to donate to ensure children can all gain a high quality education please do so at www.billionchild.org

Technology training in Botswana, South africa and Zanzibar
Written by Alan   

7th May 2021

Sally Kimangu a BCF Director, has been training hundreds of senior secondary students in Botswana, South Africa and Zanzibar how to use technology to create solutions to real world problems such as cleaning polluted lakes and creating water in Africa's water scarce countries. Students working in groups of five discover how to plan and execute projects of their choice using their AI and STEAM skills and knowledge. Using these 21st century skills they learn how to tackle problems which confront delivery of the 4th Industrial Revolution in Africa. As funding permits she will expand training through local partners to countries throughout Africa. She says that school principals keep asking her when she will return to conduct further training. For information please contact Sally at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The photo shows students at St Joseph's School in Gaborone creating Vision Boards as they begin planning their projects.

BCF enters Sierra Leone
Written by Alan   

23 April 2021

In just three weeks since the appointment of the Rev Kelvin M'bayo as the BCF Representative in Sierra Leone amazing progress has been made towards our goal of signing an MOU with the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education which will lead to the transformation of every government school in Sierra Leone into a centre of excellence.

During these three weeks he

  1. Formed a BCF Steering Committee
  2. Chaired the inaugural meeting of the Steering Committee
  3. Submitted an application for registration of BCF as an NGP/NPO in Sierra Leone
  4. Met the Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and presented her with a Proposal and a MOU for consideration.
  5. Expects to meet the Permanent Secretary to discuss the above soon.

Maki with her winners at SS Paki
Written by Alan   

8 April 2021

Maki Maloyi, who was an HOD acting as Principal of the SS Paki Secondary School in the township outside of the village of Vredefort in the Free State province of South Africa, kindly sent me a photograph of her with some members of the winning matriculation class of 2011.

In 2010 only 32% of learners passed their matriculation examination. In 2011 Maki and her entire team of HODs attended the BCF South African Schools Centre of Excellence Programme. The results achieved by the learners in the November 2011 matriculation examinations (yes, in the same year they attended the Programme), 91% of the learners obtained a matriculation pass.

Maki told me that initially only a third of the teachers bought in to reinventing their school to become a centre of excellence, but after a series of quick wins more gradually came on board as did the parents, the learners and entire community.

I am retelling this story for two reasons. Firstly because she shared the photo with me, but more importantly, because no other school leadership team, of the hundreds who have attended the Schools Centre of Excellence Programme, have achieved such an amazing turnaround - 32% to 91% in the year they were trained.

if your parents are poor, where can you get an excellent education?
Written by Alan   

10 March 2021

This is a photo of Nanapang Primary School in southern Malawi.

While we pray that funds become available to build a modern well equipped school, the sad truth is that millions of children are taught under trees, in wooden structures like Namapanga PS, in corrugated iron classrooms and mud huts.

The quality of the academic results however are in the hands of the teachers, school management and parents.

If they work as a team they can create a centre of excellence using the resources they have. A school is not a brick structure but comprises a team of teachers, students, managers and parents. The academic outcomes depend upon them.

Quality education depends upon who stands at the front of the classroom. Physical resources play a key role but equipping human resources - our teachers - is priority number one and here BCF can play a vital role.

BCF can provide the principal/head teacher of each school with the strategies, leadership skills and management systems to reinvent their schools through the International Schools Centre of Excellence Programme.

By implementing this Programme in each country, every single one of the estimated one million under-performing schools in the world could be turned into a centre of excellence.

The cost of building modern brick schools to provide every child with beautiful school would cost billions of dollars and would do little to ensure each child receives an excellent education. For 2-3 million dollars each country could transform education at every school.

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