Our Programmes

The BCF District Centre of Excellence Programme

Entire education districts led by the District Director are trained by BCF facilitators to reinvent their district offices and every school in the district as centres of excellence.

In its first iteration this Programme was presented in Lesotho where BCF facilitators trained school inspectors to train and empower principals to reinvent 30 primary and 17 post-primary schools to become centres of excellence during 2015..

In the Report by the Lesotho Ministry of Education and Training to UNICEF who initiated and funded the Programme the Ministry reported:

1. The pass rate at under-performing schools (which in 2015 had achieved less than 80% pass rates) on average increased their pass rates by 54% in 2016 while the pass rate of control group of schools declined by 7% indicating an overall improvement of 61% compared to the control schools.

2. The Programme was a significant success

3. The role of the Inspector changed from being a compliance officer to that of an Excellence Leader who empowers principals to reinvent their schools to become centres of excellence

4. This Programme does not focus on academic outcomes, it focuses on changing the culture of each school to become a centre of excellence. The excellent results follow.

5. Principals acquired the skills to make progress on their journey to reinvent their schools as centres of excellence and in so doing inspired the staff to improve the culture of effective teaching and effective learning

6. The number of schools gaining 100% pass rates increased from 3 schools to 7 schools.

In its second iteration this Programme trains all senior district officials in each district office to reinvent their district office to become a centre of excellence. Simultaneously it trains circuit managers to train and empower principals of every school to reinvent their schools to become centres of excellence.

Objectives of the Programme

1. For all district officials including the District Director, Circuit Manager, Cluster Leader, Principal, Deputy Principal, HODs, Academic Staff and Parents to understand that they are all members of one team working towards

a. Developing a goal-directed, cohesive, synergistic team aimed at delivery of quality education at each school.

b. Reinventing each school as a centre of excellence in which all stakeholders are regarded as key stakeholders who play an active role in delivering excellence in education

c. Creating pride at all levels of management and staff throughout each School, Cluster, Circuit and District.

2. Closure of the current gulf between District Officials and School Leadership and Academic Staff.

3. Effective leadership and delivery by all District Officials from the point of view of each school SMT and academic staff.

4. Every principal will be empowered by his/her Circuit Manager/Cluster Leader to reinvent his/her school as a centre of excellence.

BCF Outstanding Public Schools Programme

This Programme teaches principals of under-performing and adequately performing schools

  • How to reinvent their schools to become centres of excellence.
  • Inspire teachers, learners, parents and community leaders to work together to turn each school around to become great public schools with proud academic and social outcomes.

Principals attend four workshops over for four months. Implementation and fostering a culture of empowerment and collaboration are measured.

The Billion Child Foundation has agreements with the national, provincial or state departments of education to deliver these programmes providing they are fully funded by The Billion Child Foundation.

This Programme has succeeded in enabling principals to change the culture of their schools to become centres of excellence. Excellent academic results have followed. The Free State Province of South Africa matriculation results 27% of schools gained a 100% pass while a further 47% if schools gained a pass rate of 90%-99%. At 66% of schools over 80% of the learners were awarded Bachelors or Diploma passes.

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The Public Schools Strategic Planning Programme

Hundreds of public school principals have developed robust strategic plans unique to the circumstances of each school.

Principals have

  • led their schools to become highly successful public schools
  • fostered a culture of empowerment and collaboration
  • improved marks in all grades
  • developed high performing teams throughout their schools
  • created a high performance culture at their schools
  • mobilised and built relationships between all stakeholders – SMT, teachers, learners, parents , SGB, community leaders
  • provided each learner with the opportunity to become a well-rounded individual who will succeed in the world
  • effectively developed the reputation and image of their school

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BCF National Parenting Skills Training Programmes

This Programme is designed to train teachers,other professionals and church and community leaders how to conduct annual parenting skills training which they present in their local language. To date the Programme has been presented in six languages to over 200,000 parents.

Parents learn

  • How to raise their children with good values to become self-reliant successful adults
  • To appreciate the value and importance of their child completing his/her education
  • To understand the role they should play in their child's education,
  • To ensure their children go to school each day until they graduate from high school, do homework every day and study for examinations.

Each parent attends three two hour workshops every year from the birth of their first child until their children have left school.

BCF encourages each school to form a Community Parenting Forum to tackle community issues such as

  • Feeding children of child headed homes on every day of the week including during school holidays,
  • Tackling noise from shebeens which prevent children from doing homework or gaining sound sleep
  • Providing venues where children from homes without tables and child-headed families can do their homework under supervision
  • Working with local police to create a child-safe environment and secure their safety on the way to and from school.
  • Continually fostering the core values of respect and responsibility for both learners and adults in the community
  • Implementing and maintaining school, family and community partnerships designed to mobilise, guide, energise and inspire learners to produce their own academic and behavioural successes.

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See teachers delivering this Programme - with passion Sesotho, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.

The BCF Angel Parenting Programme

BCF selects, trains and manages Angel Parents and Angel Children.

Angel Parents are parents who do not adopt street children or invite them to live in their homes but take a daily interest in the child, ensure they complete their homework and study for examinations and if any personal issue related to health, bullying, poor nutrition, drugs, gangs, etc. arises, step in as the adult in the relationship to involve the appropriate organisation (teacher, school, clinic, social welfare, etc.)

Having an Angel Parent has provided Angel Children with the self-confidence, self-reliance and back-up to complete their schooling and obtain meaningful  work which will ultimately lead to a proud middle-class life.

Some adults who were themselves ‘Angel Children’ are now ‘Angel Parents’.

This programme has been running since 2008.

The BCF Circuit Manager Training Programme

This Programme teaches Circuit Managers the skills they need to provide professional and strategic leadership to the principals and school governing bodies of the schools which report to them.

The BCF District Director and District Office Development Programme

District Directors, management and personnel are trained to turn their district offices into centres of excellence.

The BCF District Teacher Development Centre Manager Training Programme

This Programme provides ongoing coaching to enable District Teacher Development Centre Managers to reinvent their Centres at which teachers attend short-course training to upgrade their in-class teaching skills and knowledge as centres of excellence.

The Fezile Dabi District Teacher Development Centre Leadership
The Fezile Dabi District Teacher Development Centre Leadership Team during a coaching workshop conducted by BCF

The BCF Programme to Inspire Learners to Seize Education

Most principals of under-performing schools report their greatest challenge is the lack of self-motivation of the learners, that they sit through school because they have to, pay little attention to homework and cannot wait to escape at the end of the day to their after-school social activities.

BCF is currently developing this programme which makes no attempt to tell learners why they need an education but rather to discover for themselves why education is important to them personally.

It relies on 20 minute interventions every month which involve each learner in activities in which they ultimately discover for example that they will need mathematics to become an apprentice motor mechanic, English to gain a salary sufficient to buy the kind of car which they hope to drive when they leave school, etc.

The BCF Schools Safety Planning and Evacuation Programme

BCF trains personnel from schools to develop their school’s unique school safety plan. During training evacuation of schools and school hostels is practiced.